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The Lullaby

Many moons ago, before I met The Wifey, I watched a documentary on human life.

A part that always resonated with me involved a study in which babies were played the same tune every day while in utero.

Once living outside the womb, these babies were then placed in a room with other babies that had not been played music.

As you could imagine the room was eventually full of crying babies….until that specific tune was played. The babies that had been listening to the tune in utero stopped crying immediately.

Of course I thought this experiment was awesome and decided I would try this effect if I were ever to become pregnant.

And so here we are.


It’s bedtime and as The Wifey rubs my tummy we start to sing our lullaby. The same lullaby that we sing to our Little Jedi every night.

When selecting the perfect lullaby, the first song that came to mind was, “My Little Buttercup” from The Three Amigos…. naturally.

Is it a lullaby? No

Is it appropriate? Not particularly (although we did tweak the lyrics).

Will we learn the dance moves that accompany the song and perform it in front of our son at his 21st birthday? You betcha!



The Instagram Project

It’s a new year and I’ve been on maternity leave for just over 3 weeks. The Little Jedi’s due date is in a couple of days. Everything is going well although I don’t think he is in any rush to come out. I’m going to take that as a compliment.

We started the year off perfectly with a dip in the ocean….


The Wifey moved into her new office and our Little Jedi officially became a North Melbourne Kangaroos member (you have to brainwash them young).

The labour bag is packed, the car seats are installed and his nursery is complete.

I’ve been cooking dinners in bulk and the fridge and pantry have been cleaned out and reorganised. The nesting phase has truly settled in.

Are we excited to meet our Little Jedi?

Of course!

Are we ready?

As ready as we’ll ever be!

Am I terrified?


For those of you that don’t know, The Wifey has been documenting our ivf journey. Named, “Our Story To Make You”, you can see the teaser trailer here. Our journey to a positive pregnancy had not been an easy one so grab a tissue.

Until the final product is complete we decided to start an Instagram account of the same name.

Giving ourselves a “photo a day” challenge, The Wifey shoots the images while I write a story to accompany it. It might be a journal entry, letter to our son or a random story. Sometimes there will be an image explaining our backstory.

Hopefully we can keep it up.

For now, it’s all about the beach ball that is my belly….