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The Mighty Fine Start

It’s 9.10am on a thursday. I can already tell it is a beautiful sunny day outside. We had the air con on earlier. Yep, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore! Or, more accurately, Melbourne.

We are in our airbnb brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I’ve been awake since 5.30am. 28 hours of travel with only an hour’s sleep and a head cold will tend to do that.

But we’re here now, safe and sound.

We stayed here last year and driving down 5th Ave (man, I love their street signs!), it felt like we were returning to an old friend. We passed the cafe where The Wifey managed to find a decent cup of coffee and, no doubt, our first stop this morning. We also returned to the mexican restaurant around the corner for dinner last night before we completely crashed.

We don’t have any grand plans for today. After all we have 10 more nights to explore. After hunting down a cream cheese toasted bagel (a tradition on our New York jaunts….listen to me name-dropping! This will be my 3rd time in New York. 6th time for The Wifey! What can we say? We LOVE this city!) we’ll catch the subway to Manhattan and head to B&H….the holy grail for photographers. Then maybe we’ll head to Books Of Wonder (an AWESOME children’s book store) so that I can get my fix.

I’ll try to post regularly.

Until then, here’s the view from our room. You jelly?….



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The New Year

To be honest, I’m glad 2014 is over.

Don’t get me wrong, it had its moments:

Adding this little troublemaker to the family….


Revisiting one of our favourite cities (image courtesy of The Wifey)….


Catching up with family and friends in Hong Kong and Vancouver and having a relaxing vacation in Bali.

Bubbas were born, lovers were married.

The Wifey and I live a very fortunate life and we are incredibly grateful.

But last year was hard for us. Very hard.

I have never been through such a rollercoaster in my life. I know the ride’s not over yet but this year I have my hands in the air and I’m ready to take the next turn.

When we arrived home from Bali I was sick for 6 days with Bali belly. Thankfully it cleared up before Christmas Day – always a highlight for us.

We’ve started exercising again and our fridge is full of fruit and veges.

We spring-cleaned the house and ended 2014 at The Sister’s house flying tiny helicopters, playing darts and colouring in.

It was a great way to end the year.

2015, I am ready!

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The Throwback Thursday

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a month since The Wifey and I arrived home from our 4 week overseas trip. Clearly, I haven’t been doing any writing in that time. I haven’t even looked at my “happy snaps” except for the ones taken on our phones.

One day, I’ll sort through them and put them into my photography catalogue (yes, I’m one of those people). I may even blog about it.

Until that day, here is a blast from the past. The year is 2005, the country is New Zealand, and The Wifey and I are on our first overseas trip together.

We were not a couple on this trip. The thought had never entered our heads…. Who were we kidding?!



Nine years later and not much has changed…. (except for the falling in love shenanigans, getting married, buying new sunnies, adopting shorter hair and sporting a new cap)



Can’t wait for our next adventure! Who knows what the next nine years will bring….

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The Vacation

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Why? Because right now I’m on vacation. You jelly?

The Wifey and I have been away for 2 weeks. 3 days in Hong Kong were followed by 10 days in New York.

I’m currently sitting in my brother-in laws’ (The Wifey’s brother and his husband) gorgeous new home in Vancouver. We’re drinking tea, reading books and eating homemade banana cake. It is bliss.

You might be wondering why we’re lounging around (without the boys) on a gorgeous summer day, when we should be exploring the city and it’s incredible surroundings?

Well, because we can. We have 2 weeks in Vancouver to explore and catch up with friends. We’re in no rush. As you can imagine, Hong Kong and New York were amazing….and full on!

I might write about it.

It’s been an absolute blast but as any tourist will attest, it can be tiring. I’m not complaining. It’s just nice to sit back without my feet throbbing and my t-shirt drenched in sweat.

If we can peel ourselves off the couch, we’ll head to Granville Island (a fave of ours. It’s where we got married). Until then, I’ll just read one more chapter….or maybe two. Might even have a nap.

Why? Because we can.


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The Trip #9

From Amsterdam we travelled by train to Berlin. This is what First Class on a train looks like. How cool?!….


I’ve already expressed my love of train travelling. It’s even better when you get a whole carriage to yourself….


For those of you that don’t know me, I am excellent at taking travel pics. This is clearly evident by my recent posts. Forget the fact that my Wifey is a professional photographer. When it comes to travel pics, I’m your chick!

I’ve found, through years of experience, that travel pics are all about timing. Composition, rule of thirds, exposure….meaningless! Timing is key.

Case in point: As our train headed towards our final destination, I noticed a sign for the Berlin Zoo. It was a huge giraffe with an arrow saying “ZOO” on the side of a building. But I don’t need to explain this to you because I captured it perfectly. See!? It’s all in the timing….


What can I say about Berlin? WE LOVED IT!!!


We can’t rave enough about The Circus Hotel (they also have a hostel and apartments)….


Or our love for their pedestrian signs….


We were tempted to check out some art (yes, that is EXACTLY what you think it is)….



Another city, another Fat Tire Bike Tour….


Check it out: behind shot on a moving bike! It’s a gift!….


We were given a history lesson via chalk on concrete….


And humbled by the Holocaust Memorial….


Before refueling with kransky hotdogs and, you guessed it, beer!….


The amateur tried to outdo me in the photography front….



Our second full day in Berlin was spent learning about the past. First stop, the Pergamon Museum….


Apparently The Topography Of Terror, a documentation centre on the Nazi regime, is the perfect location for a nap….


The Wifey found a better location at the rooftop bar of our hotel….




Today was spent out of the city. We walked up this hill….


It made me happy….


To check out an old US airbase that has been turned into a punk mecca….



Ooh, let’s just appreciate my artistic pic here….pretty!


Then we were completely creeped out by the Stasi Museum….


What the Berliners have been through is impossible to imagine….

There is so much to see in Berlin that 6 days is  not nearly enough. My eyeballs barely had a chance to explode but, never mind, our adventure continues. Next stop….ITALY!!!

If you’d like to see more images from the Stasi Museum, you should check out The Wifey’s blog post here. I also highly recommend reading Anna Funder’s Stasiland.

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The Trip #5


The best way to recover from your wedding day is to sneak into a fancy hotel that your sister-in-law is staying at and use their pool….

(How adorable is my niece?!! Wifey’s not bad either)




Then you let your mother-in-law pose like a tourist….


Before walking up a huge hill to another fancy hotel where you’ll have a nap with The Wifey and sister-in-law….


Before catching up with family and friends for dinner.

Stay tuned for our last day in Vancouver before our European honeymoon begins!….

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The 60 Word Challenge #20

George had been gone for 3 months. No one knows why he left. No note, not even a suitcase missing. I must admit, I was peeved.

I’d raised George, fed him, rubbed his ears at night to help him sleep.

Then one day George returned, covered in stickers from his travels. Bit weird seeing a cat covered in stickers.

– 58 words