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The Toy

This is MY toy.


Do not move my toy. In fact, don’t touch it at all.

It is mine. Do you understand?


I’m serious. If you attempt to touch my toy in any way, I kid you not, I will whip out my laser eyes and BLOW YOU TO SMITHEREENS!


You have been warned.


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The Showdown

As soon as we locked eyes, I knew we were in trouble.

I looked at The Cat to see if she had noticed it.

The Cat was oblivious. So far, so good.

Now if only it would just turn around and go back where it came from.

I stand still and watch with bated breath.

It stops. And continues to stare. Right. At. Me!

I look down at The Cat. She still hasn’t noticed.

It looks young. And terrified. It looks like a deer caught in headlights. Except it’s not a deer, it’s a possum and I don’t think The Cat has ever seen one.

I don’t want The Cat to see it.

The Cat has seen it.