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The Lullaby

Many moons ago, before I met The Wifey, I watched a documentary on human life.

A part that always resonated with me involved a study in which babies were played the same tune every day while in utero.

Once living outside the womb, these babies were then placed in a room with other babies that had not been played music.

As you could imagine the room was eventually full of crying babies….until that specific tune was played. The babies that had been listening to the tune in utero stopped crying immediately.

Of course I thought this experiment was awesome and decided I would try this effect if I were ever to become pregnant.

And so here we are.


It’s bedtime and as The Wifey rubs my tummy we start to sing our lullaby. The same lullaby that we sing to our Little Jedi every night.

When selecting the perfect lullaby, the first song that came to mind was, “My Little Buttercup” from The Three Amigos…. naturally.

Is it a lullaby? No

Is it appropriate? Not particularly (although we did tweak the lyrics).

Will we learn the dance moves that accompany the song and perform it in front of our son at his 21st birthday? You betcha!