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The Thief

I knew something was wrong as soon as I opened my door and the hint of stale smoke invaded my nostrils. Next was the open glove box and scattered CD covers.

Someone had broken into my car.

Toy planes, bouncy balls and a pair of novelty heart-shaped sunnies were strewn across the front passenger seat. The CDs were still in their covers. Clearly they weren’t impressed with my musical taste….their loss.

I don’t keep money or any other valuables in my car. I’m sure the thief was terribly disappointed. After all, they only walked away with an old pair of beaten up Oakleys (my back up pair of sunnies).

I’m actually more annoyed by the fact that I have to replace said back up pair then the fact that my car was violated.

Next time I’ll remember to lock my doors.


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New Header

Just a quick post to let you know that I’ve updated my header and “about” page. I’m not sure if I’m sold on it yet although I do enjoy the animated image (I think you should see more of it though). It’s still a work in progress….your thoughts?

Hopefully I’ll have some more school-related posts in the coming weeks.

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Hi Kids!!

This is just a quick post to say “hi!” and to finally get this blog ball rolling! I’ve been thinking about doing a blog for some time now because i thought it would encourage me to get my creative juices flowing. As a photography student, i’m hoping this will inspire me to pick up a camera a lot more than i do. So here goes…