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The Toy

This is MY toy.


Do not move my toy. In fact, don’t touch it at all.

It is mine. Do you understand?


I’m serious. If you attempt to touch my toy in any way, I kid you not, I will whip out my laser eyes and BLOW YOU TO SMITHEREENS!


You have been warned.



The Face

Mumma, I’m telling you….I did not get dry food this morning.

Look at my face. Does this look like a face that would lie to you?

Why are you picking up your phone?

No, don’t call Mum. We all know she hasn’t got the best memory.

Aw, c’mon! Don’t listen to her!

Look at me! I’m wasting away!

Fine! Don’t give me extra dry food then. Walk away, I don’t care!

I’m going to go pee in your kitchen sink….


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The Showdown

As soon as we locked eyes, I knew we were in trouble.

I looked at The Cat to see if she had noticed it.

The Cat was oblivious. So far, so good.

Now if only it would just turn around and go back where it came from.

I stand still and watch with bated breath.

It stops. And continues to stare. Right. At. Me!

I look down at The Cat. She still hasn’t noticed.

It looks young. And terrified. It looks like a deer caught in headlights. Except it’s not a deer, it’s a possum and I don’t think The Cat has ever seen one.

I don’t want The Cat to see it.

The Cat has seen it.




The Scratching Post

My name is Carl.

My Mums think I’m a troublemaker. Do I look like a troublemaker to you?


Recently, my Mums placed some strange, sticky substance on my favourite ‘scratching posts’. I don’t like it.


So I went in search of another scratching post. I found the perfect one. Only problem is my mums don’t seem to like me scratching that either. Stealthy ninja skills are required. Mum is washing the dishes. The perfect time to use my new scratching post. I sneak towards the post….


Oh, she’s watching me. This stupid bell around my neck makes ninja skills even harder to execute.

Quick! Look at the wall. That will convince Mum that I’m not up to mischief….


Ok, now’s my shot. I must be quick. Ninja skills are a GO!….


“CARL, NO! GET DOWN!”….Uh oh! Mum’s not happy….


Maybe if I do something adorable, Mum will forgive me….